Connecticut Red Hen receives wrath of Sanders’ defenders


Red hen right real headline huffington post real headline people are trolling the wrong red hen restaurants after sarah huckabee sanders incident all right folks the red hand is not a chain restaurant but some people seem to think it is they're thinking a red robin by the way the burger joint red robin is like i don't know if they're franchises or but it's a chain that's not not red hen so the red hand in one town is not the red hand in lexington virginia so everybody stop sending nasty stuff to the wrong red hands there at least three unaffiliated restaurants with the same name been subject to critical comments on their social media and yell pages as well as hard or is somebody to harassing calls michael friedman co owner of the red hand in dc told the washingtonian there's a restaurant is received mistaken calls emails yelp reviews and even death threats because of the confusion yeah that's an end to the restaurant over the weekend and don't forget that trumpian can't get dates in dc so i'm just saying maybe that's rather busy thrown eggs i'm just saying all right not the onion real headline this one got i just was like this honest to goodness sounds like a true onion e type headline 'cause like listen to this the real headline from bloomberg bloomberg dot com real headline saudi moves forward with plan to turn cutter into island you know the country cutter for the united arab emirates gulf coast saudi what.

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