Left Slams Refusal Of Gay Cakes, Celebrates Refusal To Serve Sanders


Being said kind of the same thing happened to sarah huckabee sanders over the weekend here in alabama it kind of got overshadowed by the learning of the passing of bridget marshall the wife of alabama's attorney general steve marshall and one of the candidates in the upcoming runoff but a lot of press has gone towards what happened to sarah huckabee sanders over the weekend i don't know what she was doing quite frankly in lexington virginia for those of you that have no idea where lexington virginia is it's about halfway between stanton virginia and roanoke on i eighty one in the shenandoah valley it is not a big town it is in no way shape or form to be confused with a lexington kentucky although some people have we'll get back to that it is the home of william and lee university but that's it i mean that's really all that it's noted for otherwise it's just a small dot on a map in the middle of nowhere that has a little restaurant called red hen though red in if you choose and the co owner of that restaurant refused to serve white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders last friday reportedly citing morality and living up to certain standards as the reason why i

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