Why is Trump arming Turkey: an adversary who's cuddling up to Russia


Shane company and shaneco dot com battling antiamericanism around the world tony on voice to america hurdle on according to the turkish state media is taking a lead in the presidential race these are exit polls it's election day in turkey don't forget we will archive this program last hour we talked to somebody in turkey about the election actually voted in the election if you missed it you can go back and you can listen to that this will have significant implications of course not just in turkey but around the world and specifically with us policy because the united states and turkey are closely tied on many issues and basically what everyone is doing is he's doing the power grab again human nature always talk about where are you on the food chain know everybody job power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely this is a guy that wants to be like putin he wants to be like a president gee who did the same thing he's emperor for life that's what's going on over there and we will continue to follow that story still to come on the program we go into europe and we find out how their emergency immigration meetings are going and what the solution is you know france and macron or saying there's really not that big of a problem countries like italy are saying why don't you come down here to italy and see what kind of problem.

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