NAACP News Clips June 22, 2018


On the medved show national guard troops roommate states are going to be recalled or withheld from the southern border you may remember that president trump with support from republicans and from democrats had authorized national guard troops to help reinforce the border there are now governors of eight states who are saying that because of the policy of separating children and yes it is a new policy it's not an old policy it's not something that the democrats did it's a change that was made by the attorney general of the united states and the governors of maryland republican larry hogan delaware massachusetts republican baker charlie baker on new york of that's of course democrat andrew cuomo rhode island connecticut virginia and north carolina of all said that their national guard troops would not help to secure the united states border with mexico adding their name to widening outrage over the policy now that's the way the new york times covers it but the reality i saw the letter that governor baker massachusetts issued and it was very strong look i don't think there's any question that this policy has to change so why then would the president gave the speech that he did about an hour ago one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six and then there's this the white house had issued a tweet the tweet from the white house and it's not president trump's personal tweet this a white house tweet said enough of the misinformation this administration did not create a policy of separating families at the border and the fact checker over the washington post says this is a question of trump and his cabinet choosing to enforce some laws over others the legal landscape did not change between the time the trump administration released nearly a hundred thousand immigrants during its first fifteen months and the time the new zero policy of tolerance policy took effect in april of two thousand eighteen means a couple of weeks ago what change was the administration's handling of these cases undocumented immigrant families seeking asylum previously were released and went into the civil court system but now the parents are being detained and sent a criminal courts while their kids are resettled in the united states as oh they were unaccompanied minors okay this also creates some challenges doesn't it is it if the kids who are being separated from their parents are in fact the resettled in this country do you think their chances of growing up to be useful productive lawabiding citizens are enhanced by separating them from their parents at young ages just asking let's go to bill in philadelphia bill you're on the michael medved show thank you for taking my call.

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