Michelle Wolf roasts Washington at White House Correspondents' Dinner


The fact that this this pungo renew clear site could be closed down and shutdown according to kim jong and through the blue highs by may that's something more specific than we've heard before secretary of state mike pompeo was off on a middle east tour in saudi arabia he's out to get support for new sanctions against iran he expressed concerns over iran's missiles saying the twentyfifty nuclear deal does not cover that program central americans in a caravan of asylumseekers that traveled through mexico to the border with san diego will test the trump administration's tough rhetoric when they began seeking asylum at the border crossing us officials say asylum seekers may have to wait in mexico if the nation's busiest crossing into san diego reaches capacity about four hundred people many travelling as families have arrived in tijuana in a month long caravan that started your mexico's southern border with guatemala many plan to seek asylum at the san diego bordercrossing starting today i'm bill michaels president trump was a no show for the annual white house correspondents association dinner for second year in a row but comedian michelle wolf zeroed in on him just the same taking a swipe at his wealth the only person that's still watches who wants to be a millionaire and things me although i'm not sure you'd get very far he gives like the third question and be like i have to a fox and friends wolf also cracked it's twenty eighteen and i'm a woman so you cannot shut me up unless you have michael cohen wire me one hundred and thirty thousand dollars there of course a reference to the president's personal lawyer barbara kusak wgn news time six oh to thirty four degrees and clear skies good morning i'm elizabeth crenshaw wjr news president trump gave a campaign style rally in washington township michigan where he discussed variety of topics the president explained why he chose not to attend the white house correspondent dinner is this better that that phony washington white house correspondent.

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