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About clapper james clapper director of national intelligence leaking to the c to cnn private information given to president obama and president elect trump out of january tenth meeting 2017 lying about releasing it then later admitting he released it and then being hard by cnn in august doesn't that seem a little bit thirty two you clapper looks like the bottom of my right foot and they have this guy as the cnn expert when his manipulations of the intelligence to elect or try to elect a hillary and the frame trump and then lying on the road to the congress several times without noticeable investigation because robert muller's in charge of the investigation and is not gonna do anything against komi mccabe or stroke page rosenstein or clapper he's not gonna do it because those are his guys and they will surround the the wagons and protect the deep state and i prayed i prayed to god at some point christopher ray the current director of the fbi has a lucid moment and that attorney general jeff sessions 'cause office duff and investigates real crime because the democrats did collude with the russians and the twenty sixth eighteen election that's provable how about investigating what's provable such as james komi released government data to the new york times which is a felony or andrew mccabe light six times to the fbi itself that he was leading or lisa page and peter stroke the starstruck lovers who talked about a bloodless coup specifically an insurance policy in case trump won or rod rosenstein who appoints molar when rosenstein was hired by molar how do you investigate muller and rosenstein when they've heart each other back and forth it's disgusting let's continue with your calls thousands on hold millions are listening to tim and the great state of alaska tim and alaska welcome to the bill cunningham show tim how are you great great to talk to you the great american god bless you and god bless alaska well i i'm in topeka kansas so and i'm visiting a friend of mine who saved my neck twice aden's good britain so i have to pay homage got paid homage you know one of our robert muller being the insurance policy my take on all of this stuff is is they all take trump is stupid he's not stupid and what he's doing is.

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