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And guarantee a top four finish for united in the premier league the former united manager arsene ceramics ferguson presented awesome venga with a silver vase to mark the frenchman's last visit to old trafford after twenty two years and vanja could see the funny side throws you once you know the danger any more people love you elsewhere the new champions manchester city made it one hundred and two goals scored for a campaign in a thirtieth win of the season with a four one victory relegationthreatened west ham decision to ban the nigerian referee joseph ogle for one year has been ratified by the confederation of african football cast the disciplinary board had found board guilty of attempted match manipulation in this month's confederation cup round of sixteen i like game between the nigerian side plateau united and usm of algiers the toronto raptors and cleveland cavaliers will meet in the nba playoffs for the third straight season that's after lebron james inspired the cavs to a one hundred and five to one hundred one victory of the indiana pacers in game seven of their first round grocers but i don't know we move onto the next series good test for us it was a good test and that's what you trying for all year trying all year to be able to put yourself in position where however the series as harbor playoff series in your body can respond so i wouldn't expect anything less and in tennis the world number one rafael ladele dropped only three games in the final to win the an open title for an eleventh time thanks mike this is new state nine minutes to the hour now we're going to talk about an undercover investigation by the bbc in fact by bbc africa i knew investigative program looking at the problems caused by codeine cough syrup in nigeria it would seem to be fairly innocuous it's good for you obviously in small amounts but it's unfortunately leading to an epidemic of opioid addiction millions of young people are believed to be hooked up but how do industrial quantities of this syrup which is usually only legally available by prescription end up with drug dealers sold to addicts on the street bbc africa is discovered some nigerian pharmaceutical figures are involved in this black market trade is rona meyer reports in the back streets of kano in northern nigeria groups of young.

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