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The first quarter turnovers big factor early on where the celtics took advantage there from some bucks miscues but we still him turn the tables outscoring the celtics thirty two fifteen in that second quarter buddy third quarter where we saw more of the same from what we saw in that first ultimately helped the celtics grab the lead once again and despite the heroics from chris middleton and company terry rozier hitting some big shots there down the stretch in the fourth quarter and overtime helping the celtics hang on for the victory you going to point to two big things here when you talk about the reason why the bucks dropped this game i think that is very clear second chance points is one of them turnovers the other you heard ted davis mentioned it during the broadcast is not as though the bucks have been plagued by turnovers all season long but they were big here especially in that first quarter and third quarters where we really saw the most of it from the celtics at least taking advantage of those mistakes that third quarter the celtics started this game cold from the field but in that third they shoot four of seven from three point land and get eight points off of six bucks turnovers helping them take advantage here before some late heroics so those are the two things you know you have to clean up as we move towards game two in this series you wonder what type of other adjustments joe plenty we'll make should make here i think a couple of them come to mind at least in terms of rotations if you look at those two areas and say this is something we can do to clean this up but we expected a close series here and based off the performance we saw today it looks like that's what we're going to get and i think if you're the box you say we played very uncharacteristically in terms of turning the ball over we gave up way too many second chance points rebounding wasn't a big disadvantage it was what the celtics did with it when they grabbed the offensive rebound but if you're the bucks you look at that and you say i know the talent is on our side those two things didn't go our way we eliminate that we clean that up this is a much different story moving forward four one.

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