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Launched on the opcw holding emergency meeting in the hague today on the suspected chemical attack chemical attack outside damascus inspectors from the organization arrived in syria over the weekend to investigate whether banned substances were reuse us britain and france targeted three alleged chemical weapons facilities in response philadelphia protesters expected to show up again outside a starbucks this morning then peers jeff brady reports at demonstrators briefly occupied the coffee shop yesterday after a video of two black men getting arrested there was viewed by millions police say starbucks employees called officers after the men wanted to use the bathroom without buying something they were arrested for trespassing but no charges were filed and they were released organizer aco khalif wants accountability the manager of five colle also once the officers who arrested the men fired but police say they didn't do anything wrong starbucks regional vice president camille higham says the company is investigating this incident does not reflect the spirit of our brand it was an unfortunate incident and we'll be sure to make it right organizers say protests this morning or aimed at shutting down the starbucks where the arrest took place last thursday jeff brady npr news philadelphia and this is npr news former first lady barbara bush is said to be in failing health family spokesman says mrs bush has decided not to seek additional medical treatment and instead focus on comfort care barbara bush is ninety two years old kentucky governor matt bevin is apologizing for saying last week that the teacher walkout in his state led to children being sexually assaulted and others to using drugs for the first time the governor has posted a nearly four minute video on lying saying it was not his intent.

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