The Latest: Rouhani: Iran will negotiate with others on deal


Iran deal is defective at its core president trump today fulfilling another one of his campaign promises pulling the us out of the iran nuclear deal ktar's mark carlson joins us live with the details bob president trump announced from the white house just a short while ago that the us was pulling out of the deal negotiated and agreed to by the obama administration i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal in a few moments i will sign a presidential memorandum iran state run news agency is quoting an anonymous official saying president hassan rohani will give a televised address following president trump's national address reporting live mark carlson ktar news we'll have more on this breaking news coming up at eleven forty five on ktar news for breaking news sent straight to your phone text the word news to four one one ninety two three meanwhile president trump has also just announced that secretary of state mike pompeo is now on his way to north korea he's going there ahead of a summit between trump and north korean leader kim jong hoon the latest on the condition of arizona senator john mccain speaking to the panel of abc's the view tv show which she's a part of megan mccain said her dad's doing fine walking talking joking around she also said people need to relax and chill out about his future presley orrin hatch king many seats right now we're all doing good and hanging in it's a processes anyone knows if you know anyone who has cancer kind and respectful the fact that there's a family recently told politico he doesn't expect to see mccain back on capitol hill he also called mccain a good man but said it's ridiculous that mccain reportedly doesn't want president trump to attend his funeral adding that he hopes he has a change of heart mccain continues to battle brain cancer from his home here in arizona arizona travelers are getting ready for summer vacation tripoli's michelle dotty says three out of four arizonans plan on taking a trip this summer and.

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