San Francisco, Austin and Boston discussed on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show


Didn't put these anyway so and it was in san francisco and it was a lot of like it was hippies so they didn't they didn't have enough nice shoes no there's a lot of birkenstocks yeah birkenstocks my hometown san francisco is it yeah oh what are some of the towns that you enjoy performing in most because i feel that has that becomes a trend for there certain towns that or venues isn't necessarily a city that you should give back from austin and it was wonderful it was a wonderful experience the moon tower the moon tower festival yeah boston's always a great town it's always been a great town for the kids in the hall ironically a lot of the cities in the south of always been great to me and the kids in the hall live i think because people are more desperate for our kind of comedy i think like a place san francisco which you would think would be number one not really because there's a that's those are the homes of people that are that

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