Mueller, Trump and Rudy Giuliani discussed on The Brad Davis Show


Form of skeptical judges while the courtroom setbacks have not derailed mueller's criminal cases they have field questions about their strength breath and given the intense scrutiny of mueller's work even small hitches are welcome news for a white house looking for evidence that the russia probe has gone too far it makes our job a little easier trump's top personal lawyer rudy giuliani said in an interview yesterday to federal judges have now questioned mueller's authority to bring charges on matters unrelated to the presidential election including alleged financial crimes by former trump campaign chairman paul manafort on saturday a third judge rebuffed mueller's request to delay proceedings involving three russian companies and thirteen russian citizens he has indicted for meddling in the twenty sixteen election the thirteen angry democrats in charge of the russia which haunt are starting to find out that there is a court system in place that actually protects people from injustice this is what trump tweeted yesterday a reference to the number of mueller's seventeen prosecutors who are registered democrats so it goes on and on and on now let's change the scenario and a quarter after five on this tuesday to baseball the yankees and the red sox yes we've all been waiting the yankees and the red sox who were both off yesterday begin a three game series tonight at yankee stadium the yankees have won fifteen of their last sixteen games the red sox laid the yanks by one game in the american league east and on the hill how will be drew a proper naga tonight for boston and luis severino for the new york yankees game starts at seven.

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