Threats to EPA's Scott Pruitt include some from inside agency, documents reveal


And the ad council global news twenty four hours a day on air and a big chunk on twitter by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in over one hundred twenty countries this is bloomberg radio now a global news update special report trump rescinded iran deal the president made it official the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal that's led to a worldwide round of mostly condemnation europe stops leader top leaders are expressing dismay russia says it's deeply disappointed and it could grow worse according to correspondent barbara starr at the pentagon there is growing concern that iran could be preparing for some sort of attack against israel this comes amid all of this escalating tension between the us iran and israel and there's a report that israeli jets of attack syrian army positions outside damascus is rarely prime minister benjamin netanyahu has applauded the move by president trump wall street didn't do much of anything the dow up just four points but oil felt the pain falling by as much as four percent for a time after the announcement west texas intermediate crude closed down down about two and a half percent i'm rich johnson another diplomatic surprise from president trump today he said secretary of state mike pompeo is making another trip to north korea ahead of his possible summit with kim jong un the house oversight committee's poring over hundreds of pages of documents regarding the travel decisions made by epa head scott pruitt but not all the documents according to correspondent sara ganim we are learning that one thing that was not turned over with permission required by law for pruitt to fly first class before each and every trip epa says he had it for the documents simply do not back it up critics of accused pruitt of flying first class at government expense san insisting on other safety measures not because of concerns over personal safety but to shield himself from tough questions and bad press it's fairly calm right now around the kill away of all kaneohe in hawaii with no magnum moving through neighborhoods why disaster officials say the latest eruption destroyed two dozen homes is not over i'm richard johnson your business news delivered the way you like it saudi arabia shows no signs of letting up you don't have to change your style can we get there given the calculus we've got right now bloomberg radio the bloomberg radio plus app and bloombergradio dot com these are times when ever wonder why weddings.

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