Low turnout as Iraqis vote for first time since ISIL defeat



In the wsb twenty four hour news center with our top stories this half hour polls close across iraq in the first national election there since the country declared victory over isis voter turnout low here's correspondent suzanne george strict security curfew that was put in place across iraq especially in baghdad nearly notes civilian cars were allowed to be on the streets in the morning hours for the first hours of voting that made it very hard for people to get polling stations to cast their ballot we talked to some people who walked more than four kilometers to try to get to a polling station locally about a thousand georgia state university students signing a petition asking the school to redo their graduation after rain thursday night cuts they're outdoor ceremony short sports the hawks getting a new head coach here's wbz's sports director jay black pierces the man tapped replace mike boot and holes while the former nba coach of the year was not interested in waiting around for the hawks to get good again pierce is very familiar with the rebuilding ballclub he spent the last five years assistant in philadelphia where the seventy sixers went from the league's worst team to the conference semifinals gm travis linked says in a statement that peers checks every box this is the first time the forty two year old has been a head coach in the nba jay black wsb baseball the braves.

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