Cindy McCain tweets about White House aide accused of mocking John McCain


Call away kaby hawaii news time six sixteen time for news with rick worthington well speaking of president trump and north korean leader kim jong hoon summit is now set for june twelfth and singapore north korea recall suddenly announced that it had achieved all of its nuclear goals it had a nuclear arsenal it had weapons that could carry nuclear warheads it claimed as far as north america and now it was going to suddenly shift and focus on economic development the big question there are they willing to after having invested untold treasurer and time and and risks international isolation are they willing to simply bargain away their nuclear arsenal in the interest of a better relationship with the us in other news reports of one of trump's white house aides comment about john mccain has raised a few eyebrows in washington he's dying anyway a white house aide kelly sadler is quoted as saying about senator john mccain when discussing mckay opposition to cia nominee gina hospital that's according to a source with knowledge of the meeting or communication staffers were discussing promotion for hospitals confirmation a white house statement does not deny the quote simply expressing respect for senator mccain service the trump mccain relationship has tended to be caustic ever since candidate donald trump downplayed mccain's imprisonment and torture in vietnam as to his inability to avoid capture his wife cindy mccain tweeted may i remind you my husband has a family seven children and five grandchildren bob costantini washington speaking of concern how about that big old volcano in hawaii hawaiian officials say killer whales activity resembles what was seen right before a major eruption in nineteen twenty four that's one enormous rocks called ballistic boulders were launched from the earth steve hill and his family spent the past five days packing as they hope to have something to return to we think fondly of madame palay we've left her lesson jen we hope that she thinks we're good stewards and sees fit to leave our our land home intact i'm john lawrence reporting still to.

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