North Korea says it will hold a 'ceremony' for the dismantling of its nuclear test site on May 23-25


Price could vary depending on your health an invitation from north korea i'm pam lucille fox news reporters from around the world could find themselves in north korea later this month they plan to hold a ceremony for dismantling its nuclear test ground between may twenty third and may twenty fifth all tunnels of the test ground will be blown up they claim journalists from china russia the us uk and south korea are going to be invited per the foreign ministry fox's jillian turner research facilities at the site and guards that are based there will be removed the plan comes weeks before dictator kim jong un is scheduled to meet with president trump in singapore the president's upcoming face to face with kim could delay a decision about a potential appearance before members of special counsel robert muller's team they're investigating possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia the president outside legal team has previously said that they would make a decision on whether or not president trump would sit down with special counsel robert muller by may seventeenth that's the one year anniversary of win special counsel robert muller was appointed in a phone call trump's attorney rudy giuliani told fox news the president's outside legal team is still waiting for information from muller and it's difficult to make a decision on whether president trump will sit down with muller by that may seventeenth date fox's ellison barbara this as the president's attorney michael cohen faces questions about his payment to an adult film star who claimed she had an affair with the president the president's pick for cia director has another democrat in her corner new york senator joe donnelly will support gina hassle after what he calls a tough frank and extensive discussion with her senate democrat joe manchin of west virginia also expressing support for hassle senate republican rand paul of hi it's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message at the.

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