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In the old warehouse district eight cars fell about a floor when a parking deck collapsed fire commissioner day fornell says the part that's still standing is very shaky at area in the front that's that's all unstable aca collapse at any minute so they can't just yank those cars out of there but i'm sure that they'll they'll figure out i mean they'll pull them forward they'll start removing them as soon as they were able to stabilize that structure no people were in their cars when the deck pancake to the floor below seven cars arresting with their front ends tilted toward the front and the eighth car is in the quarter tucked away laying on its side in the shadow of the renaissance center ken rogulski wjr news rudy giuliani serving as one of president trump's lawyers says three americans held in north korean prison are set to be released correspondent jeff zeleny has more on this from the white house the whole reason this is happening of course is because those broader discussions underway between a summit with the us president and the north korean leader by there is frustration here at the white house about why rudy giuliani the president's outside lawyer who does not have a security clearance is the one talking about this as the white house plans a summit between president trump and kim jong on a new era of ping pong diplomacy is unfolding between north and south korea here's correspondent jan johnson in the nineteen seventies before president nixon went to china the diplomatic ice was broken with the exchange of ping pong players between the us and the people's republic of china now in a new twist on ping pong diplomacy the international table tennis federation says north and south korea have combined their women's teams at the world championships in sweden the federation's president says dental gets offered a standing ovation to show their support while south korea's team called it an important statement to promote peace through table tennis i'm jan johnson at a national day of prayer event at the white house president trump signing a new executive order creating faith initiative to make recommendations on policy involving faith based and community groups the president also pledging to support religious freedom in america we are proud of our religious heritage and as president i will always protect religious liberty we've been doing it we've been doing toyota's expanding its work on self.

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