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Here's john carlos stanton he got into the act for the red hot yankees yesterday homering twice off dallas who has been inky killer it stanton's thirtieth career multi home run game and sal the red hot they won eleven out of twelve pitches it's out over the plate and aaron judge getting the same kind of looks i'm wondering when these pitchers are going to start throwing inside the sanchez jean carlos stanton trying to get them off the plate as if they can extend like that it's bombs away for the bomber meanwhile no one though in baseball as hot as movie bats three home runs yesterday leading doing into five four win over the royals it's his fourth career three home run game that passes ted williams for the most in franchise history so just look at this he surpasses ted williams in red sox history and he is also catt now has more games with three hold on and and get get ever ever had had babe ruth ever had willie mays ever had seems impossible and yet it's true football news and we reported this earlier this morning kamboi tight end jason witten who had been wavering on this decision is retiring from the cowboys and he will join us at espn is an analyst for monday night football he's an eleven time pro bowler because eleven hundred and fifty two passes in his career for over twelve thousand yards after being drafted in the third round in twenty two thousand three excuse me out of tennis the big part of this news is the balance of power in the nfc east shifts right they may get zeke elliott for entire season with their losing dez bryant they're losing jason witten that's not gonna make back prescott bit of quarterback no the dallas cowboys were into the team to be in this in this division going into the season and now they are even less so and then we have this story another one that is relatively new into our newsroom we also ryan shazier of the steelers walking out onto the stage at the nfl draft.

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