Republicans sign letter saying Trump should win Nobel Peace Prize


Plan late night debates on the budget package and the hope is for passage late tonight i'm tim mcguire a group of house republicans is pushing president trump for the nobel peace prize because of his work to ease nuclear tensions with north korea ap washington correspondent saga megani reports from the white house eighteen republicans have signed a letter to the norwegian nobel committee saying the president's peace through strength policies are working and bringing the regime to the negotiating table a meeting between the president and kim jong and could be announced this week south korea's leader had earlier mentioned the peace prize as a possibility saying trump could have the prize if the korea's could have the piece president moon was very nice one as suggested i wanna i wanna get peace indiana congressman luke messer unveiled the letter on twitter he's running for a senate seat while several others who signed it are running to become senators or governors saga megani at the white house the obama foundation says it's partnering with the city of chicago to include a public library branch at the yet to be built obama presidential center chicago public library board of directors president lyndon johnson says it's a big deal the first time in our nation's history a public library will be included in a presidential center johnson says the libraries more than a place to put books there are shared spaces and community gathering places there are theaters and art museums are job training and citizenship centers the facility must be approved by the chicago city council along with funding for everything from staffing and books technology.

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