Golden State Killer case opens possibility of using DNA in other notorious cold cases


News time is one of three here is your traffic update while we're running pretty good speed on our majors throughout the area at this hour of the morning but the schuylkill expressway construction still up there in the right lane both directions between south street and the vine street expressway that'll last up until around five o'clock this morning but again we're in pretty good shape as far as volume is concerned not in delaware county ninety five both directions between the blue route four seventy six and the commodore barry bridge two right lanes are shut down up until around four thirty really not seeing any delay there at this time as well now in our mealey's furniture jam cams the styles you love for last let's crews are still working out on the burlington bristol bridge they're sent a mid span and their alternating lanes the definitely watch out for some delays until that construction is pulled should be there until around four o'clock in south jersey we're running a pretty good speed on the forty two freeway in two ninety five it's the atlantic city expressway westbound at berlin cross keys road where the right lane shut down and the on and off ramps are closed as well mass transit no reported delays from your mark financial twenty four hour traffic center in toronto the success it using a dna database to track down the suspected golden state killer decades after his murder spree as investigators looking to expand on that technique carter evans reports it was an unconventional approach that landed joseph di angelo in court investigators entered evidence from the golden state killers cases do achidi logical database and through links with several distant relatives they were able to track down di angelo now that same technology could help solve some of california's most notorious cold.

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