'Absolute outrage': Florida lawmakers not allowed into kids' shelter


Curing arrest warrant or deputy brandon england as well as deputy shaun norris charges were aggravated assault criminal attempt to rape and false imprisonment the alleged incident in the predawn hours of sunday and ford thorpe deputies offduty that you'd be is nobody miles says it's believed the victim knows at least one of the deputies did go to the hospital was treated and released after trae gets wsb wsb's top national story at five oh to president trump tells house republican lawmakers to get a bill passed immigration free two point oh i'm jamie dupree in washington legislation is a messy business state lawmakers emerged from a meeting with president trump last night optimistic that congress can act on immigration georgia republican rob would all we've got a conference that's committed to getting the heart things done we've got a president that's committed to getting heart thanks but no one's terrific the gop can muster a majority in the house on an immigration bill jamie says the house gop calls for families to be held together in detention the head of the congressional hispanic caucus is unimpressed cars rating families and brand new prisons across the country is outrageous florida senator bill nelson says he was barred from a detention facility in south florida when he tried to see how kids are being treated are obviously trying to cover up they don't want us to see it more governors order national guard troops back from the border and protest new york governor andrew cuomo says his state will sue to stop the practice of separating kids from their parents children are being used basically as a bargaining chip georgia senator johnny isakson voices his own objection donald support separating children from their families i don't think separating from the family solves the problem a former director of ice tells nbc he does not believe that all the kids now in detention will be reunited with their parents read more about the immigration controversy on jamie dupree's blog on wsb radio dot com and you can also learn more about cheney's new voice wsb news time five oh four.

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