Daniel, President and Lexington Kentucky discussed on John Gibson


More leftward than him do they want open borders so let's assume that you are a republican or a democrat who doesn't want open borders they want they sincerely want to solve the problem i would dispute what daniel had to say about the republicans can do it and the snap of a finger because even if every republican votes one hundred percent they can't pass some of these legislation because they're not able to get it onto the day they need a they need a few democrats for all practical purposes they need a few democrats so that's really what needs to happen is a couple of democrats have to be willing to make a deal but where's this going to go from here the president now as they say in the in the press is doubling down he's getting meaner but is it does that mean he's going to get leaner or is he going to have to back down michael in lexington kentucky living make one quick point that i want to attack daniels argument yeah first of all trump should dig his heels in so deep did he builds the wall now authorization for two thousand six okay just take the money that's what leftist do they break the law were the only wants the best old bay black lives matter they block freeways antifa coast.

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