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All news all the time news traffic and weather for the bay area all news one oh six nine am seven forty kcbs coming up on kcbs the us is pulling back from the un after being criticized by the organization bothering anti opera firefighters heading brush on fire to prepare for fourth of july one of the busiest potential days of the year for us every year and president trump has endorsed two republican immigration bills as anger mounts over immigrant families being separated for jeff bell i'm larry sharoni i'm patty rising kcbs news time four thirty one now to cbs news cbs news update democrats critical of his policy of separating migrant families at the border shouted at president trump after he met with house republicans to talk about immigration laws broken for many years decades a spokesman says the president endorsed to house bills that build the wall close legal loopholes and canceled the visa lottery among other things cbs's eto keith president pierce to be endorsing a compromise bill that would provide billions of dollars in border wall construction money resolve the fate of those socalled dreamers and potentially reunite those families along the border what exactly are the details and would it actually passed the house the senate and head over the white house that remains unclear senate minority leader chuck schumer president alone can fix it by signing a presidential order to end the agonizing screams of small children cbs news update i'm pam coulter kcbs news time four thirty to the united states is announced it's pulling out of the united nations human rights council it comes after a day after after the un human rights had denounced the trump administration from separating migrant children from their parents at us.

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