Zeroing In On Immigration, Asylum Laws And The Border



The country of the us mexican border making the seventeen hundred mile trek from seattle to tornado texas with hopes of reversing the current zerotolerance immigration policy komo's patrick glenn tells us the trip comes at no cost to taxpayers mayor's office tells me that mayor jenny durkan will actually pay out of pocket you'll finance answer airfare and hotel accommodations into neo she will be in the low all star state less than twenty four hours going down there i feel like she could actually make a difference on the heels of hundreds of children being separated from their families if the us mexican border durkin is one of fourteen bipartisan mayors from across the country making the trek in a statement mayor durkin said the world is watching bearing witness to this inhumane and unamerican policy we cannot stand by without taking action conference of mayors will hold a press conference of the migrant children society this morning at nine o'clock we're hearing from one of the mothers inside the seatac detention center who says she hasn't spoken to her eight year old son since she was transferred to new york last month tammy matassa the federal prison in seatac where one woman's desperate to hear from her son lock our rent has lopez she's locked up in seatac waller eight year old son abel is across the country in new york she shared her pain in an interview with the associated press lanka says he just started crying saying don't leave me mom i just said it'll be okay that's all i said blanca remembers when able was taken away after the arrived from all salvador fleeing death threats blunkett

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