Boston Red Sox's David Price has carpal tunnel syndrome


Nine minutes another injury for the celtics shane larkin out tonight due to a sprained shoulder baseball action getting underway yankees and red sox once again in the bronx the yankees have pulled even with the socks in the al east winning sixteen of seventeen their best stretch since nineteen fifty three wiping out an entire seven and a half game deficit masahiro tanaka starts against rick forsillo or selo getting the non tonight because the injury to david price which has been diagnosed as mild carpal tunnel syndrome elsewhere today in the american league texas defeated detroit and ten five to four also houston down oakland four one garrett cole improved the foreign one five and one is now carlos carrasco epa a six to win by the indians today in milwaukee pittsburgh edge the white sox six to five after scoring four in the ninth the angels blank the rockies eight to nothing the cubs crushed the marlins thirteen to four scoring eight times in the third and the reds got a home run from adam duvall on the tenth to beat the mets to one i'm rich ackerman jeff leopard and journey or coming to a town near you listen to tiki and tierney put your chance to win tickets this is tiki barber with a cbs sports minute brought to you.

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