Malaysia: Markets closed on Thursday and Friday


One eight six six sectoretf we're at forty seven past the hour we're gonna be talking with bloomberg's global economics and policy editor kathleen hayes coming up about what's going on with em particularly given the fact that the bank of indonesia has signaled for the second time in two weeks it may hike interest rates we've got a weaker currency on that front not gonna steal her thunder we'll have details on that coming up we've got a weaker yen against the dollar here at one zero nine ninety and higher oil prices the combination i guess you could say is helping to send the nikkei up by about three tenths of one percent in seoul the kospi had one half of one percent and in sydney now the asx two hundred is better by about three tenths of one percent now markets in malaysia will be closed thursday and friday we had a stunning victory in the election in malaysia mahathir mohamed defeating the current prime minister do brazil created a bit of nervousness in the space during the new york session the ice shares msci malaysia etf down about six percents so we're not going to be able to get market reaction in malaysia until the monday session intraday in the bond market stateside we had the ten year above three percent we close new york trading right around two three percent yield we've given back just about two basis points right now in the tokyo session yielding two point nine eight percent let's get an update on global news now mark mills is in the global bloomberg newsroom with these headlines mark douglas state department says three americans held in north korean labor camps were free and back in the us wednesday afternoon they landed in anchorage alaska and route to joint base andrews near washington president trump said that he's looking forward to greeting the hostages when they arrive cnn reports that singapore has been chosen as the host city for the planned summit between president trump and kim jong un no comment from the white house on that report ninety two year old malaysian leader mahathir mohamad scores a shocking victory in national elections promising a return to the rule of law the israeli military says iranian forces based in syria fired twenty rockets at israeli frontline military positions in the golan heights early thursday triggering an israeli reprisal and further escalating heightened tensions global news twenty four hours a day on air an tick tock on.

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