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Bloomberg daybreak asia it's a quarter past the hour now time for a check of sport from around the world here's dan schwartzman thanks bryan sources are reporting that everton's wayne rooney is agreed to a deal in principle with a former manchester united great will head to dc united of the mls this summer the bbc is reporting that rooney's representatives are in the us working out the finer points of the deal before completion manchester united claimed second place the premier league table after earning a point today scoreless draw against west ham united at london stadium as goalkeeper dhabi earns his eighteenth clean sheet of the season earning twentysevenyearold his first premier league golden glove toronto sebastian giovinco is the highest paid player in the mls for the total compensation of seven point one million dollars for toronto's michael bradley coming in second at six point five million rounding out the top three les's carlos vela at close to six point three million serena williams has committed to play in this year's move dollars silicon valley classic at san jose state university to open up the hardcourt season starting july thirtieth other notable participants include maria sharapova madison keys.

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