Tributes pour in for 'force of a woman' Barbara Bush


And cloudy good evening i'm elizabeth crenshaw w jr news tributes are pouring in for former first lady barbara bush who died at the age of ninety two last night correspondent karen keva reports from houston condolences tributes and memories quarrying for the former first lady barbara bush perhaps none more moving than from her family she taught us to serve others she taught us to be civil she taught us to love your family with your heart and soul former president george w bush sharing the memory of his final visit with his mother in an interview with fox business network we have wonderful visit she was strong lucid still we ought to be joyful that we had one such wonderful woman our lives the former first lady known for her devotion to family her passion for universal literacy and especially her sharp wit she and i were needling each other the doctor came in and she turned to the doctor said you want to know why george w backer look somewhat surprised she said because i drank and smoke when i was pregnant with born barbara pierce she was raised in ryan new york she was sixteen when she met a young man at a connecticut country club who would change her life george herbert walker bush married the first man i ever kissed you talk about a bore i am the world's worst married for seventy three years she was the mother of six children grandmother to seventeen great grandmother to seven her incredible legacy will now live on through them i know that i'm the world's luckiest woman i think if i sort of put it in a nutshell these are the things that are important to me faith family and friends in houston i'm karen kifah the former first lady's funeral be held saturday at st martin's church in houston where she was a devoted member for decades an update on power outages twenty thousand customers are still without power and base another frigid night the power our has been restored to nearly ninety five percent of the three hundred ninety thousand people impacted by sunday storm the company says sixteen hundred people are working around the clock now to complete the final repairs stay tuned wgn news for more updates olympic gold medalist jordan weber.

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