County district voted to allow teachers to carry guns in Cody, Wyoming

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Sergei lavrov claims he has results from one of the opcw's contractor laboratories which indicate another nerve agent was also detected be lavrov says moscow doesn't have any that facility speech laboratory in switzerland has refused to comment but independent chemical weapons expert dan cassetta says he believes busy may have been sent along with the novacek as a positive control sample and russia is using that to distort the opcw conclusions for npr news i'm teri schultz county school district in cody wyoming has voted to allow teachers to carry guns this comes after a long debate in a state that has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the us wyoming public radio's communiqu kudelski has more during the board meeting last minute changes were made to number of training hours teachers will have to go through annually in order to carry a gun in school according to the county sheriff recommendation board members change the minimum requirement of training from twelve hours to eighteen flint fleischer is a father of two kids in the district he says in cody you're constantly surrounded by people carrying guns in public i feel more comfortable being around these teachers with guns than i do a lot of the other people just because they they've gone through it they they know what they're supposed to be done in addition to training teachers that apply to carry we'll have to pass a psychological evaluation and a drug and alcohol test this is the second school district in wyoming to let its teachers be armed for npr news i'm camilo adults getting cudi wyoming you're listening to npr news from washington the white house says president trump will welcome german chancellor angela merkel to the white house on friday april twentyseventh earlier in the week on tuesday the twenty four th president trump is already scheduled to welcome french president emmanuel macron to the white house a.

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