Paraguay prepares for national election


On here here's it's gustav shake hyphen under welcome to the weekly happy sunday lunchtime to you happy sunny what an amazing week has been right for weeks soviet you're both very tans i have to say we've got the studio lit to our taste that way what have we got well we've got i hope you guys don't get bored of me but this year we have so many latin american elections and to be the most important to to happen which is brazil mexico venezuela colombia but we shouldn't forget paraguay is quite a troubling country in some way so i'm i'm looking very keenly his election because you know they had they had the longest military dictatorship in the continent for thirty five years that a political party called the colorado they've been in power for seventy years including during the military dictatorship so it's very hard for the position you know to being such a country and this year election b you know one of the candidates is from the current party which is a colorado and his name is maya benitez and the other one is a bit more progressive you know centerleft candidate code if rang larry the polls are saying that the colorado guy win so things will continue as the same but i think less time i was here talking about costa rica was wrong and the progressive candidate won so things you know ken chain i was gonna ask you about this because we've been talking about this during the preceding week you know is it a singleissue election is there some big flashpoint in that case it was about gay rights of course was very front and center in costa rica there's not really one key issue and i guess it's more about who's best place to stewart the country through times that remain rather i don't know what's the word tubby lent well i think there's no key issue as we had in costa rica here the main street is generational gap you know so paraguay's quite a young country and for one it can see if in the the younger generation are going to position guy franey larry.

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