Veteran who survived blast receives 'world's most extensive' penis, scrotum transplant


Rizzo must also pay a quarter million dollar fine before sentencing was handed down in a teary voice rizzo admitted in court that he broke the law he said i know i'm guilty and i'm going to prison and i accept my punishment rizzo also agreed to pay four million dollars in restitution at federal court in port huron ken rogulski wjr news testimony has ended on the eleventh day of the retrial of bill cosby on sexual assault charges in pennsylvania closing arguments will take place tomorrow now have all the evidence judge steven o'neill told the jurors before sending them back to their hotel after an abbreviated day of testimony the judge said quote tried to relax so that you're on your game tomorrow and quote after hearing closing arguments from the defense and prosecution on tuesday they'll begin deliberations the hope is for the twelve members to do with the previous jury failed to do after deliberating for fifty two hours reach a unanimous verdict the defense rested its case without calling cosby to the witness stand do you mr cosby one to testify the judge asked no your honor cosby said he didn't testify in the first trial as well i'm steve kastenbaum doctors had a baltimore hospital successfully conducting the most extensive penis transplant yet a wounded us veteran received the transplant which included the scrotum and part of the abdominal wall at johns hopkins university doctors say was a highly experimental procedure one that was done last month and took fourteen hours to finish however they say the man who has asked not to be identified is recovering well and is expected to leave the hospital later this week as a soldier the man survived a blast in afghanistan a few years ago that resulted in devastating injuries to his groin and pelvic region the surgery is expected to allow him to urinate and have normal sexual relations once fully healed i'm john stolnis duchess of cambridge kate middleton giving birth to a healthy baby boy in london today kristen holmes reports kate and prince william were beaming when they presented their newborn to the crowds outside of the hospital worn at eleven am local time and weighing eight pounds seven ounces the couple's third child will be fifth in line to the british throne and due to new succession laws changed after thousand years for the first time in history princess charlotte will remain fourth in line despite another son being born wjr news time six oh four we'll update traffic and weather next wouldn't you set out to find new roads you can't do it alone you.

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