'Where's my brother?': Victim's kin describes Waffle House shooting chaos


Make us a matt this is horrific horrific shooting at the waffle house in tennessee four people are dead so far many more could have died right now for there were several people injured a man by the name of james shaw junior was truly a hero at all of this and they will proceeded to come in i actually went behind this lucca push door swivel door he shot through the door i'm sure sure he gray's mar and it was at that time i've seen video of this hero james shaw junior and he does have like a big chunk of skin off his elbow allow where they think the bullet grazed when he was blocking the door lock on my mind because there's no way to lock that door that if it was going to come down to it he was going to have to work to work to kill me so at the time that he was either reloading or the gun jammed or whatever happened is when i ran through the door hit him with the door and then the get the gun was kinda jammed up and it was pushed down so we were scuffling are managed to get him one hand on the gun and they're not grabbed it formal not through it over the countertop after that i was trying to get out the door and i think he was pretty much in the interest took him out with me out of the entrance and all the way outside braid do a hero right where this guy run off so yeah if you're just joining us there was a horrific shooting outside of the waffle house in tennessee a man by the name of travis ranking ranking showed up partially naked he was wearing only a jacket shows up to the waffle house started shooting an ar fifteen in the waffle house he started shooting from the parking lot around three twenty five am then that's when he went inside and kept firing he took off his jacket left it in the street corner when he ran off last we heard and still to this moment he is still at large and cops have not found him yet so waffle house in tennessee any tennessee many people could have died but four have died to are seriously injured you were just listening to james shaw.

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