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Hello time. and welcome to the covert podcast. Today we'll be talking about focusing on the things we have in common then wrestling podcast. I know you will love. Lastly, we'll take a look at a comic book that takes a dark twist on the biblical flood. So let's get started. From two thousand ten to twenty thirteen. I went to San Diego Comecon for those who no, I is the biggest con in America and maybe even in the world, I'm not exactly sure. However, it has an incredible amount of people that attend over one hundred and twenty five thousand people come to the con- and the all have the same passion for all things nerdy for one person. It might be the passion for superman for another. It might be an obsession with the twilight movies. Many of these people would sit for days in line to tend to panel for their favorite TV show or movie. The camaraderie was thick, and that's the case with most cons. We all have a commonality about what we nerd out about. Do I agree with all of them on social issues like abortion, no. Do I agree with them on political issues like Republican versus democrat? No, I agree with them on getting together and earning out about the lake. Marvel story arc, yeah, for some of them I do. So instead of name calling and insulting each other about the things we disagree on, why not focus on what we do agree on, find common ground and invest time in that, and you might be shocked at the other things you will find you do agree on. This allows both parties to listen to each other before the walls come up because now we're comfortable with each other on the things we have in common, and we like to nerd out about in today's era of polarization we seem to spend more time focusing on things we disagree on might just be one little thing instead of the things we have in common so much so that we won't even spend holidays like thanksgiving together because of those things we disagree about over at not your pastors podcast. They were talking about Christians being divisive about their political views so much so that members witness OSI it with with each other. Now you would think out of all the people Christians could unite regardless of political views. I'm sure I interact with many people who don't have the same worldview as I do not just at cons. I'm sure you do too. It doesn't matter because as long as we try to stay focused on the one or two things we have in common, whether it's fishing or baseball, or coin collecting football or podcasting, whatever it is focused on those things and spend time together doing those things that you have in common and the things you disagree on. Won't matter as much. Talk about the things you have in common. Tell stories about the things you have in common expound on what you have in common and nerd it up. Make your commonalities bigger than your differences. All the sudden you're differences. Don't seem so big compared to the size of the things that you have in common the impact you can have on other people. When you have a common focus can be huge. Use the nerdy things you like to unite instead of divide each other. For example. Maybe as a kid, you collected masters of the universe figures. Talk about that. Talk about the figures you had. Maybe the other person likes the same figures you had when you were a kid, maybe they had some of the same excess review did like castle gray scholar, snake mountain, or maybe they did different things to modify their figures that you might think are cool or maybe you did the modifications, whatever it is, talk about those things and tell about when I got this figure for Christmas, I was so excited or I got this figure at a clearance sale at stores and picked it up for only two dollars. Talk about those stories together. You'd be surprised at how well you can mash in connect with the person when you have that commonality so that when the differences come up, maybe it won't be so divisive because you'll be focusing on some of the things that you have in common with that person. Now, on a similar note, I read recently about people using dungeons and dragons to help kids with autism and social anxiety. People living with autism spectrum disorder, experienced challenges with communication. So social action, and sometimes they display restrictive and re repetitive behavior. Organizations like game to grow us tabletop role playing games to help teens, adolescence and emerging adults become more confident, creative and socially capable. The inherent benefits of tabletop role playing games are numerous and become even more beneficial. If intentionally facilitated by professional the games, encourage communication and team building in the fun safe environment. Now, Dr. Raphael Baca moslo I probably mispronounced the name. So I'm sorry in advance. The clinical director of take this uses DVD to help teens who are struggling to daft solid social skills. They learned those tough to teach aspects of socializing, like procreate communication, forming friendships, empathy, and other social nuances. As you can see unity in something like tabletop gaming, like dean D. Is being used to help those people in difficult places. In this situation, it helps others relax open up about what they're struggling with in the process. They inadvertently learn new skills on clued links to the game to grow organization and the take this group in the show notes. So please go to covert ner dot net to find out exactly what they're doing. You can see some of the pictures read about some of the gaming setups that they have and maybe participate in what they're doing in your local community. I found that and thought it was something that I needed to share because it's something taking something nerdy something we have in common and using it to help others. Now it's time to do some podcast recommending if you like wrestling in the eighties and nineties, like I did, you'll love the podcast something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. It's hosted by Bruce pressured, also known as brother love in the WWF back in the late eighties, early nineties and superfan Conrad Thompson. As I mentioned, I was a big WWF fan from about eighty seven to ninety three. It's great podcasts because you can revisit those old storylines if that's the timeframe you liked. Now, I should preface Bruce Richard was involved from, I believe, eighty seven. So after wrestlemainia three and was off and on with WWF until I think two thousand three or two thousand four. So he covers a pretty big, broad span, broad span of time. Not just the time I'm talking about. So if you watched wrestling from the late eighties to early two, thousands, he has some firsthand accounts of what was going on. On behind the scenes and he's a fantastic storyteller. His impersonations of Vince McMahon are priceless. That's almost worth listening to the podcast alone to hear him to his impersonation of inst- McMahon, the popularity of this podcast skyrocketed so much. They have hundreds of thousands of downloads per episode. I highly recommend it for any race wrestling fan. They highlight wrestlers. They highlight some of the paper views the highlight some frames, so it's great. Just go check it out. They have a big archive that you can go back to. Sometimes they'll just fire up an old survivor series from say, nineteen Ninety-seven just watch it together and you can hear their commentary as they're watching the event. Lots of Riecke simply search in your podcast app for something to wrestle and you will find it and I'll put a link in the show. No, so you can find it easier as well. I wanted to mention a comic book that just read literally a few days ago called dark arc. It's by aftershocks comics. It is an excellent. Book and I'll just read the solicit here and you can hear exactly what it's about. The wickedness of mankind has moved the creator to destroy the world by way of the flood. Noah has been tasked with building an art to save his family in the animals of the world, but this is not. Noah story for darker powers have commanded the source or SRI to build his own arc and save the unnatural creatures of the world such as bam, Pires dragons, Nagara and the Mana core. But what will happen on a vessel crawling with monsters where insidious intrigue and horrific violence are the rule of law from the writer Colin Bunn who did X men blue deadpool envenom in artist, one DOE American monster world reader comes a sinister tale of biblical proportions that had to be told at aftershocks comics. Like I said, I've read issues one through five, five is what they're up to as of this recording. And I think the concept is fantastic. The storytelling is compelling, the artist. Great. Callin does a good job of keeping the story moving along at a good pace. However, he threw. Goes out a few bread crumbs of possible ways. He might take the story in later issues just enough to keep you reading and wondering what is going to happen happen next at issue five, the rain stops. Now I assume this would be a limited series run at first thinking about it. When I mean is you're probably not going to see this, go to issue three hundred, four hundred like some other titles do I could be wrong. They could go ahead and take the story after the land or excuse me after the water subsides and they can get back out on land and maybe show the interaction with the unnatural creatures with the humans on this new world that they came upon after the flood. I don't know, but I think it's definitely worth the time for you to pick this one up and check it out on clued. Lincoln the show notes to where you can read more about it and look at some of the art. It's shutout time if you'd like a shot on this podcast, that'd be more than glad to do shot out for you. Simply engage me on Twitter, Instagram. I'm on those two primarily, but I do have a Facebook page. You can also Eamon email me CNN at covert, nerd dot net, and that'd be glad shot out your name on the podcast for now I want to mention those who have engaged me on social media, Alex, and Jason at the not your pastors podcast. Also, Jamie Embry at the podcast called that one time I was abducted by aliens. Excellent podcast. Check him out. The green door podcast is a token podcast, had some interaction with those folks, and then Stephen S P at the better podcasting, podcasts, thanks guys. If you want to get a shot on the podcast, hit me up on social media or send me an email. Now I still am giving out a free Nate hamlet print to the first person who messages me on Twitter, Instagram simply message me the phrase Nate Hamill art, and I'll send it out to you. You do need to be eighteen to get this though, but only have one. So the first person that does that gets the art. So thank you for listening simply go to covert nerd dot net to find out how you can. Subscribe on apple or Android devices and found out how you can contact me there as well. All my social media links are there. I have a speak pipe link if you want to send me an audible message, that would be great too, or you can email me whatever you would like to do. So again, thanks for listening and we'll see you next time.

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