Off-duty police officer saves 5-year-old from coyote attack at playground


Well that stanton guy makes twenty five million a year johan assessment it's twenty nine million yeah no he's one how about david wright he doesn't even play he and her about three years he makes twenty million that's a great job yeah i i'll take it you could do that yeah aaron judge just makes a little over six hundred thousand we ever that's good he's a baby catch i gotcha baby what was your first job in radio what they pay you i beat you i started a little bit later but one hundred and forty bucks i remember the first time this guy offered me a job and he said i said how much is the job pay i'm sitting at his desk and you said something three hundred forty dollars a month right i said wait a minute now what's that a week i had to figure out i didn't know how much is opera well whatever was former fighter and what it was you gave it to me and by the month so he can trick you into thinking you're getting more figure this out i gotta figure this out right now at a minute here so anyway on page of the new york daily news today irvington police officer arcangelo libertador he saved this family from this crazy coyote in the daytime when a coyotes out you that means yeah rabies or something going on the cop was off duty with his family in the park in irvington when he noticed this father of this little girl on the ground wrestling the coyote yeah he said i saw bodies inferred just rolling around so he jumped on the coyote held it down and punched it out and and held it until cops.

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