A new Celtics' 'Big Three' of Rozier, Tatum, and Horford emerges


All right you have to give the celtics players especially their role players and for years since i've been watching the nba which is a long long time boston celtics role players danny aines they play so much better at home this is not just this team look at the role players how well they played last night we know they have significant injuries but this has been a theme for the team we can give yes they weren't prepared for the game yes did they have a counterpunch to philadelphia what they were doing yes but the place rozier tatum you gotta give a lot of credit to what they did all right so you brought up a lot of important points there one is home road celtics in these playoffs they played eight games they are undefeated at home they haven't won yet on the road so don't discount how important that home crowd in boston the other is the guys rozier tatum poor for they combined last night for more points as a trio than paul pierce ray allen and kevin garnett ever did ever in a playoff or regular season game more points combined than those three guys ever did they all scored twenty three points the first celtics trio to do that in a playoff game since perish mikhail bird in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven only the third celtics trill to ever do it in a playoff game like so those guys were great where i will give brad stevens credit and we're much like like cc too donovan mitchell is me brad stevens on the corner early and often trying to alert people how special this player or this coaches brad stevens is in my eyes right now the best in the league at is putting guys in position to do what they do well you have you have gm and danny ainge that is has knows who his coaches and says okay i can take a guy like terry rozier who people thought was a project people thought was a rich reach we picked him out of louisville he will be coached up in order to reach his full maximum potential and then when he gets the opportunity he's going to go out there and all of a sudden give me a poor man's kyrie irving level production on offense in in a critical game.

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