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The bill is in response to the state's growing opioid crisis which has resulted in the deaths of more than ten thousand residents over the past decade president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani is attempting to clarify statements made this week with regard to one hundred thirty thousand dollar payment to stormy daniels leoni released a statement in which he wants against stressed that the one hundred thirty thousand dollar payment made by trump's personal attorney michael cohen today was not a campaign violation and that it was made to silence a false allegation he also said his references to timing were quote not describing my understanding of the president's knowledge but instead my understanding of these matters trump had previously said he was unaware of any payments to daniels the top democrat on the house oversight committee says he believes there's evidence president trump broke federal ethics laws in his reporting of that payment to stormy daniels congressman elijah cummings of maryland says president trump should have reported the payment as a debt on his public financial disclosure form and says concealing the debt is a crime wls news time four oh three time for traffic the edens right now at sixteen minutes out to lake cook inbound from lake cook to the junction thirty five kennedy out the junction thirty five to o'hare fifty five inbound o'hare to downtown and our five junction in thirty eisenhower out to wolf one hour out to thorndale our seventeen inbound from thorndale to downtown an our seven wolf in at forty the stevenson out to the tristate one hour out to the veterans toll an hour twelve inbound from the veterans toll that's one hour and from the tristate in that's thirty six dan ryan out to ninety fifth the half hour inbound from nineteen fifty downtown or twenty minute trip next traffic update in fifteen minutes news on the hour the half and when it breaks continuous coverage at wlsamcom where.

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