Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Describe Topless Photo Shoot

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Jeff warden ed clements afternoons three to seven on newsradio klbj five ninety am and ninety nine point seven fm they welcome back to the show i'm ed jeff took early powder today he's not been feeling well after his after his cheerleader stanchi decided to hit the road chillers we're talking about washington redskins cheerleaders this all came out in a new york times story yesterday in the year two thousand thirteen five years ago the washington redskins cheerleaders went on a trip to costa rica with the man who rent the boxes at their football stadium so they went to costa rica when they got to costa rica the redskins brass allegedly took the girls passports they were on a boat enduring said boat excursion the girls were asked to take off their tops and they all did and after the boat trip as one she later said she they they were escorts for these gentlemen to nightclubs despicable deal this wild first of all you don't put your employees in that situation as one of the chiller said we felt like we were pimped out but this happened in two thousand thirteen in why this is just coming out now i don't know i don't know we talked about that also jason witten retiring at age thirty five for the dallas cowboys good day for kirby smart the excellent coach for the georgia bulldogs gets an extension seven years forty nine million bucks matt ryan had a good money to matt ryan five year thirty million dollar deal by my math that's one hundred fifty million dollars and one hundred mania that is guaranteed tiger woods six shots back at the wells fargo john peterson the former lsu star is at ninety six and i want to mention my golf tournament coming up a week from monday may fourteenth at onion creek club it's swinging for the arc with that clements we are full but we have a way for you to participate this is gone gonna be fun and you don't have to be present to attend by a golf ball by golf ball on the world wide web and i'll give you the address we're gonna have a helicopter that's going to drop all the golf balls and the closest to the whole is going to win a spectacular weekend in fredericksburg at the office street retreat wine tours whiskey tours all sorts of great deals go to arc austin dot org arc boston dot org and they will lead you where you can buy a golf ball for ten dollars for.

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