Nasa, Principal and Two Years discussed on Exploration with Dr. Michio Kaku


Their breath wondering what was that press conference that nasa was about to make but then delayed it because they had this tremendous setback well nasa fi mi owned up and said yes they can have that press conference and the press conference was in fact a game changer but it was not exactly the the revolutionary discovery that was advertised first of all they were able to jury rig that drill that drill is still broken but from a distance of millions of miles nasa was able to communicate with the curiosity rover and jury rig the drill so that it began operations drilling into the martian rock getting powdered samples of the interior of the planet mars well given that fact nasa then had this long awaited press conference and the announced that yes it's going to be very important first of all hate to be a party pooper but nasa did not announce the discovery of life first of all the mars curiosity rover it had its principal mission which was to find evidence of microbial life nasa has long since abandoned hope of bumpy into martians or martian civilizations it has much more modest goals picking up the remnants of microbial life on mars and so at first some people thought that nasa would announce that they've found microbial

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