Bruce Bowen rips Kawhi Leonard of San Antonio Spurs


Entire nba they have no player on their roster that you think this guy might be a star and they have too many mediocre players to get really bad so that's the spot you don't wanna be in and the knicks have have been floating in that spot or worse for a long time so i i think between kristaps porzingis is injury and the fact that he might not even start next season and that the knicks roster is horrible they should tank totally next year they have their draft pick go go one more year in the tubes on purpose and because of that i could definitely see the logic behind taking michael porter jr and just let them get healthy don't even worry about him playing a second this season he could take the whole year off you can you know joel embiid ben simmons kind of deal with them until he gets fully healthy so if i were the next might have taken that home run swing with the ninth pick this year and then tank this year simply because of where their their position was in the draft meanwhile another story from the draft is letter and now the spurs you've got bruce bowen a former spur ripping kawhi leonard for not saying anything and i'll talk about kawhi leonard situation overall the spurs are saying that they want to keep him and all that kawais is gonna wind up in la he's going to be a laker i would put money on him being a laker by opening night and i'll tell you why coming up next eight five five two one two four two two seven at.

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