Verdict to be delivered in family ax murder trial


In office for another sixteen years electro commission said seventy three percent voted yes with a turnout of ninety six percent world news from the bbc the leader of italy's biggest political party the five star movement says he wants the law professor giuseppi kante to be the prime minister of a coalition government that could take office later this week after meeting italy's president luigi demayo said the choice had been agreed with his future coalition partners the far right league party president mozzarella has also met the head of the league matteo salvini before deciding whether to let the parties form a new government in a setback to workers rights in the united states the supreme court has ruled that companies are allowed to require staff to sign away the right to bring class action suits against management in a five four ruling the justices endorsed the legality of what is now a growing practice writing on behalf of the four liberal dissenting judges justice ginsburg said the ruling was egregiously wrong south african court is find a twenty three year old man guilty of murdering his wealthy parents undis brother in a frenzied axa tack their luxury home outside capetown and riven radar was also found guilty of the attempted murder of his sister his poems of felony throughout the trial funded art mundane that the horrific x murders would shocked many in south africa were in fact carried out by an intruder who had broken into his home back in two thousand fifteen according to his version it was this intruder who attacked him and his family but judge decide who went into great detail examining the evidence said a guilty verdict was in escape able some bob way has applied to rejoin the commonwealth the secretary general said she was delighted to receive the application from president emmerson mnangagwa if approved she said zimbabwe's return would be a momentous occasion the former president robert mugabe withdrew zimbabwe from the organi in two thousand and three bbc news her turn keeping women in mind her and raising the next generation of powerful feminists her turn covering the story is important to you tune into w ort every sunday at eleven am or any time at all i'm w ort fm dot org to.

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