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Thing wrestling like crosses that line because for me something that dan said to me on his podcast about what he used the analogy you use for why wrestling's better than sports yeah i think like i think like my friends are always say stuff to me like dude you gotta do you gotta watch sports you gotta check out lebron he's changing the game as we know it you know and i'm like how by scoring a little bit more points than the previous best basketball player like i'll watch lebron when he takes his jersey off mid game reveals he's on the other team scores on his own basket takes the chair from the sideline knocks out the referee and he's wearing a snake around his neck or no see for me it was sports sports was my link to wrestling because i was like just always into like as i was always in a muscular men i guess there's something so like wrestling was peak just like giant fucking and now in hindsight even like when i thought like dad like bouncy flabby like steroids titties and i was still so into all you want to look like them i wanted to look like hogan until the ultimate warrior came in and then i wanted to look like ultimate warrior than i wanted to look like big poppa pump yeah the more you're came in it was like you're like those muscles look better what about you matt what what got you into like did you have a hook did someone sh bring you in on it one of the clips i brought is one of my earliest memories of just of life it's ho cogan training mean jean oakland to be a wrestler for whatever reason means you and had to wrestle in a match me gene is a commentator he's like interview okay.

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