MLB -- Masahiro Tanaka shuts down Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout


Wfan fm new york wfan twenty twenty sports atlantic clock i'm mike mccann after a tight well play pitcher's duel on friday night yesterday's yankee angel game was more of a slugfest gardner right let us go a gardy party the ties the game with run second deck in right john sterling here on the fan you think them with aaron judge in that austin role mind also clearing the fences the yankees cruise but with sunny graham amount may hit turbulent water hidden in the glove that ball is far has gone mike trout two doubles and a two run home run in the first four innings to run trout and the angels take a five four lead one out of the first five at game of his career angels even the series with an eleven to four win he's masahiro tanaka and garrett richards on the mound today pregame on the fan coming up at twelve twenty five at miller park the mets got on judah not from the worst but from the brewer bat first pitch to the right at better hit going back there it goes home run the day after the former yankee minor leaguer was sent a milwaukee joined the brewers hit parade that was a home run or maybe a field goal brewers putting up a seventeen six pounding and the mets how he rose the call on w scoreboard time red sox pulled to ahead of the yankees in the al as they beat the braves eight to six phillies are not the mls leaders they edged the toronto blue jays one elsewhere on the scoreboard rangers knocked off the rails for three hundred shinzo chew walk off homer in the tenth as blanked the diamondbacks three nothing white sox nationals also winning the raise got two hits in an rbi from former yankee rob schneider they knocked off the orioles five to one indians cardinals giants reds padres 'em mariners also posting ws.

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