Who foots the bill for public universities' athletic programs?


I think this is going i think something is going to happen we will have some summit heck they printed those fancy coins at a cost of who knows how many taxpayer dollars they gotta have a summit at some point right otherwise you really look foolish for a president who said he's going to drain the swamp and save taxpayer dollars so that that's just a little tidbit on on that part of it but this is important look at the players involved both koreas north and south china united states look at the entire asian peninsula look at japan all those countries they're involved in this and even to some extent russia the big stronger countries in this world powerful countries we have a situation north korea wherever leader that has for for most most people's minds been unstable has been ramping up a nuclear program although he did to his credit lease brought on broadening some outside observers this week to kind of look at their facilities in one case destroying a facility there has been some movement sanctions i think are are what's driving must much of this senator johnson wasn't as as firm about this as i am but i think that the the the will of china against north korea non allowing them to skirt these sanctions into to get things into their country as easily have in the past to kind of avoid the impact of those economic sanctions that's tightening the belt as well i think that's probably more than anything else leading to kim jong un's willingness to have these conversations because six months ago they hate each other's guts the president kim jong when they were trading barbs little man rocket man all the things that were going back and forth between the president kim jong un this should happen i think it will happen whether it's june twelve not dates irrelevant having a meeting between these two countries in these two leaders i think could shade a better understanding for the world security i think that's probably the most important thing.

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