U.S. judge sends ex-Trump campaign head Manafort to jail until trial


From amesbury has a criminal record he is now charged with several crimes including attempted murder his currently held without bail pending dangerousness hearing set for monday the homeowner was treated and released from a hospital former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is behind bars tonight amid charges of witness tampering and his former boss president trump says it's not right president trump says a federal judges decision to jail former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is quote very unfair the president tweeted quote didn't know manafort was the head of the mob what about komiya crooked hillary and all of the others he also called it a quote tough sentence even though manafort hasn't been convicted of any crimes or sentenced to prison manafort is in custody pending trial let signs abc news the white house a judge again blocking the president's ban on transgender servicemembers judge marcia pacman was one of four federal judges that issued a preliminary injunction preventing the ban from taking effect the trump administration appealed and friday judge pacman denied that appeal in her ruling she said the administration provided no new evidence or arguments that had not already been considered and rejected she even quoted the navy's top admiral saying the status quo shall remain steady as she goes in the transgender ban shall not take effect until it is ultimately worked out through the courts jeff pohjola abc news seattle the us plans to slap steep tariffs on goods imported from china and officials in silicon valley are not thrilled tariffs are never a good idea says call gordon dino ceo of the silicon valley leadership group which represents more than three hundred fifty hi tech companies here the irony is that the president announced that this was going to be good for silicon valley it's a shame he didn't ask silicon valley before he made that statement this is bad for silicon valley america's innovation economy gordon says a thing about tariffs is as always a boomerang effect terrorists are always a mistake they never end well by colgan for cbs news san jose maine lobster industry officials also concerned as china plans retaliatory tariffs including those on seafood in early july not good news at all says matt jacobson with the maine lobster marketing collaborative main home to most of the us lobster fishery and with china a year round customer for american lobster jacobson hopes cooler heads can prevail to come up with a solution wbz news time ten.

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