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Warner media that is at and t is new name for time warner now that it's become a division of the newly merged company the new name comes along with another change as expected turner ceo john martin is leaving at and t exact john stanky will run mourner media with offices in l a and new york comcast has won unconditional approval from the european union for its bid to buy britain's sky tv comcast says it expects to complete the sky purchase before the end of the year the deal is moving ahead as comcast and disney compete to a car twentyfirst century fox's entertainment assets sources tell bloomberg fox's board will consider comcast sixty five billion dollar offer next wednesday and the winner is in the opening day for an animated film category incredible to deadline reports the disney pixar film is expected atop the record held by finding dory with a three day weekend take of one hundred seventy four point seven million dollars on wall street as the us unveiled its list of goods targeted for terrorists in china answered with its own lists the.

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