White House Defends Trump's Salute to a North Korean Military Officer


The wake of the justice department's inspector general report justice corespondent jessica schneider says the i g called some of these actions extraordinary much of the criticism comes not from how the fbi handled its investigation of clinton's email server but of how komi hand wrapping it up including his surprise press conference in july twenty sixteen the i g said komi broke fbi policies by not telling then attorney general loretta lynch about as planned announcement writing we found that it was extrordinary and insubordinate for comey to do so the also criticised combs choice to tell congress eleven days before the election that the fbi was reopening the investigation a decision made after clinton emails were found on former congressman anthony weiner's laptop at the time weiner was married to clinton's top deputy the white house is defending president trump's decision you may have seen this he returned a military salute to north korean general during his summit with leader kim jong hoon anna coren reports just days after the historic singapore summit between donald trump and kim jong on the us president is come under more criticism after north korean state media released previously unseen footage of trump's saluting a north korean general the footage shown on casey tv shows an awkward encounter between the us president and the north korean defense chief general no chill with the two minutes saluting each other the white house has defended the president saying he was simply returning a common courtesy however critics say it is highly inappropriate for the commander in chief of the us forces to salute the military of a us adversary known as murderous regime with an appalling human rights record meanwhile overhaul might be coming in the us immigration system republicans unveiled a draft bill on the matter and there are critics of the proposal your john lawrence house speaker paul ryan says an immigration proposal is ready to be voted on we've been in meetings our wherever our day after day or between moderates and conservatives to find a path forward in addition of border security and help for dhaka recipients the proposal looks at detention issues minority leader nancy pelosi says a major concern is the separation of immigrant parents and children guess she's not normal and fact it's barbaric it has to stop i'm john lawrence reporting still to come on six seventy k b o y we have been talking about marijuana in idaho the legality of it cbd oil hemp number of things part five in the final piece of our series on the state of.

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