Mississippi, Stokely Carmichael and Robin Michelle Reiner discussed on LA Theater Works


Students what is it stake it's the law finally john c reilly and others talk about the role the theater can play in promoting social justice interested by it because it's using the heart form of theater literally as a megaphone it's not a work of fiction that we're presenting is transcription of what people actually said and channing alight on something that for whatever reason you people that were arguing in favor of this marriage ban didn't want out there and i think it's actually a kind of a great shot in the arm in terms of the political by tally of theater right now peter's been an agent of information and change the four year television before we had film and before we had the internet so it seems right that it starts in the place where the arts would have been able to talk about social change peter is the great vehicle for social change and this is a great example of fame brings something that would without today without robin michelle reiner and chad griffin and afer bringing it to your attention

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