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The calendar but new englanders are bracing for some very summer like heat forecasters say temperatures in boston on monday could approach or even top the record of ninety four degrees set back in nineteen twenty nine for the day date humidity will be high as well making it feel much like triple digit heat across much of the region state police are investigating an early morning crash on route ninety three in braintree left a twenty nine year old woman did investigators say the top woman got out of her car on saturday after she lost control and struck a guardrail police say a second car then slammed into her vehicle pushing it into the woman and killing her the driver of the second car brockton woman was taken to boston hospital seriously injured bernie sanders son is one of the eleven candidates seeking the democratic nomination to run for congress in new hampshire but levi sanders is not getting the support of his famous father senator sanders says he doesn't like dynastic politics although he's proud of the work is son is done he says he's on his own i mike lynn wbz news what iraq kicked up on my windshield and cracked the glass i knew who to call new angle glass replace the windshield in record time plus they did all the.

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