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The county's first case of west nile virus for the two thousand eighteen season officials reminding residents to step up efforts to prevent the spread of mosquitoes can carry the disease county health officials say that the person infected lives in the san gabriel valley and was hospitalized in may here's the public to remove standing water out of their yards and to apply recommended mosquito repellent went outdoors and to make sure that window endorsed screens don't have holes eight people have been hurt when a taxi driver plowed into world cup soccer fans in moscow police say two of the people in town for the germany vs mexico soccer match in the morning tomorrow we're mexican driver crashed into the crowd near red square authorities have arrested the driver who they say may have been drunk tried to run off apparently wrestling authorities said they don't believe it's an act of terrorism an american pilot has finally come home second lieutenant robert cowan was flying a p thirty eight that went down on the pacific island of papua new guinea in one thousand nine hundred forty four that was world war two for more than seventy years relatives never knew what happened to him until november when genetic testing confirmed remains found years ago on the island were cowan's his remains were flown back to the us and yesterday the man who grew up near atlanta georgia arrived at his final resting place and was buried with full honors at arlington national cemetery amy king kfi news teams of cyclists have dipped their bike tires in the pacific ocean for the ceremonial team start of race across america billed as the.

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