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He was fouled on probably passable passing attempts referees much like players and much coaches watch them to and those fouls we'll be called and those guys will be locked and loaded rating hit open shots and there's one guy going to be ready jr smith i guarantee j i need a prediction for game two who wins and why cavaliers win because they're upset they're upset and this was much bigger than the fifty one points by the lebron james i played against lebron several times in in playoff series and there wasn't a word there wasn't a bomb there wasn't a hit that we could have done to lebron get him off the game so that was very calculated at the end he started that team fight he started a little scuffle why ninety take the pressure off with jr now you rally the troops now you don't forget j who the enemy is you don't forget the bad guys which is the warriors and not our own teammates it's not jr we still have a series of play great move out of the bryant man we have game tonight we'll see if they can rebound from that devastate dating loss french open serena williams win sets up a showdown with maria sharapova how about this quarter final twenty three time major champ williams against five time major champ sharipova head to head history overwhelmingly in favor of williams she's one nineteen of twentyone match including eighteen in a row keep up with the latest from the french open on espn dot com and on sportscenter here on espn radio.

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